At OrchidGarden, we produce, import, retail and wholesale botanical orchids and hybrids, as well as accessories needed for their cultivation.


Get to know OrchidGarden

The OrchidGarden company produces, imports and sells botanical orchids and hybrids, as well as accessories for their cultivation.

The very narrow specialization of our company may be surprising, but botanical orchids are extremely fascinating plants. The orchid family currently includes approximately 26,000 botanical species divided into 880 genera and is one of the largest groups of plants in nature. Add to this the countless number of hybrids and varieties. The abundance of shapes and colours will delight everyone and make you endlessly interested in orchids.

OrchidGarden is a family company, existing since 2008, founded out of passion and love for plants while still studying horticulture. Orchids have won our hearts so much that from a small hobby, they have become our idea for life. We wanted to share our passion with others and give everyone who loves flowers the opportunity to learn about this fantastic group of plants.

Please be invited to familiarize with our offer.

OrchidGarden & Orchidsklepik

MSc. Justyna Papuga


Safe transportation
thanks to Heat Pack

Our packages are protected against cold and light frost.

We provide winter packaging included in the shipping price.

Each box is lined with foam insulating the orchids from the outside cold, and each package is additionally accompanied by the so-called Heat Pack,

which will provide the right temperature for our orchids during shipment in autumn and winter.

However, for the safety of the plants when the temperature drops below

-10 Celsius degrees (14 °F), we are suspending shipments and wait for warmer days.

Please be aware of possible shipping delays due to weather conditions.


Recommended categories


Over 26,000 species, grouped in 880 genera, have already been discovered in nature. In our store you will find several hundred of the most popular species, but also the most interesting ones that can be successfully grown at home on a windowsill or in the orangery.


The category includes plants bred, cultivated and imported from Thailand


The category includes plants bred, cultivated and imported from Taiwan


Direct importer of orchids

We import botanical and hybrid orchids directly from proven producers from Western Europe, Asia and America, which guarantees the high quality of the plants in our offer. We try to keep our orchids healthy, so that they will adapt better to your homes and will soon enjoy their flowering. The proof of our quality is the growing number of satisfied customers.


We have been with you for over 15 years

OrchidGarden was established in 2008 out of passion and love for flowers.

Thanks to the launch of a 300 sq. m. production facility in 2014, our offer includes more and more plants from our own production. Currently, the area of our greenhouse is 600 sq. m., and soon it will increase to 900 sq. m.

Until recently, botanical orchids were unavailable to everyone. Today, thanks to our rich offer, you can have them for your own or give these bits of beauty and luxury to your friends and relatives.