Orchid soil - Pine bark fraction 25-40 mm (Mediterranean) - 2 liters

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Pine bark fraction 25-40 mm, excellent substrate for epiphytes. Thanks to the loose structure, it provides ideal conditions for the development of the root system, ensures the outflow of excess water.

This medium is widely used by many orchid growers.


- thick granulation Mediterranean bark 25-40 mm

Package - 2 liters (70 fl oz)

!!! we only send the substrates in the European Union !!!!


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S - Seedling (over 2 years to blooming)
NFS - 1-2 years till flowering size
FS - The plant is ready to flower
RK - Plant mounted on cork
The age of the plants is determined by the grower subject to optimal growing conditions.
Thus, the time needed before blooming may vary (i.e. it can be shorter or longer), depending on the customer’s specifications.