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Orchid soil - Vermiculite - 2 liters

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It is a mineral (similar to clay minerals) created as a result of the natural weathering process of biotite, phlogopite, some chlorites and other silicates rich in magnesium.

Vermiculite is sterile, odorless, non-toxic, durable, and will not mold.

It has a pH of 7.0-9.5, due to the presence of carbonate compounds, the reaction takes place as in the case of bases.

Vermiculite has the ability to exchange cations, thanks to which it can retain and provide the plant with the potassium, ammonium, calcium and magnesium it needs.

It is extremely light and easy to use.

Packaging - 2 liters


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M - Large, rooted seedling (over 2 years to blooming)
NFS - 1-2 years till the plant blooms
FS - The plant is ready to bloom
RK - Plant mounted on a pad
The age of the plants is determined by the grower subject to optimal growing conditions.
Thus, the time needed before blooming may vary (i.e. it can be shorter or longer), depending on the customer’s specifications.